Version 2015 is ready!

The new ViSoft Premium 2015 includes a great deal of news and improvements which provide more usability. Additionally to the new version our customers will receive a PDF-document with access to Youtube-videos. This way users can view the most important new functions whenever their personal time schedule allows it. NiU2015_deutsch titel Good luck from your ViSoft-Team!

New ViSoft projects available!

With the new ViSoft Premium 2014-2 update many new ViSoft projects are available.

You will find these projects in ViSoft Premium under
“File -> Open Project -> Online Projects”.

All the best from your ViSoft team!

New projects

ViSoft Premium Update 2014-2

Dear customers,

For years we have been using our internet-update for weekly tile updates and small patches. The upcoming Update 2014-2 has the following innovations: The complete program-update, new tile- and sanitary data will be available for download.
The magazine „News in Update“ will show the content of the update in a PDF file. You can directly start the corresponding video out of this PDF file. We hope you can adopt the current functionalities faster with this new concept.

You can install the current version:

1. Directly from ViSoft Premium:
– Help
– Search for Updates
– ViSoft Internet Update

2. Directly from ViSoft Premium:
– Click the button ‚Download and install updates‘ in the Message Center.

3. In the ViSoft Creative installation directory:
– Double-click on Internetupdate.exe

This time all program extensions, up-to-date tile- and sanitary updates are provided online.

Of course you will continue to receive DVDs in the future if you wish. In this case simply send a request via e-mail to with the subject ‘DVD + your customer ID’.
DVDs will be ship approximately 6 weeks after the update was published.

And just in case: the installation file for download can be found on the ViSoft 360 Website in a protected area.
Please request the link via e-mail from with the subject ‘Installation + your customer ID’

Good luck working with ViSoft Premium 2014-2!

Rainer Nissler
CEO ViSoft GmbH

Rework of finished phototuning

To generate a picture with the phototuning-modul can take a lot of time, even if you have a fast PC.
If you are not satisfied with the result, it is not necessary to generate this picture again.
If you have checked the option “Post processing” before, you can optimize your picture with the known sliders.

That will save a lot of time.

And this is how it works!

All the best from your ViSoft team!

Video - Rework finished phototuning


Find tiles with similar color

To find tiles with similar color could be very time-consuming. With the function color-palette you will find the right tiles with a few “Clicks”.
And this is how it works!

All the best from your ViSoft team!

Video - Cutout for built-in washbasin
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