Tip: ViSoft Backup Tool

We recommend to use the internal ViSoft backup tool frequently, especially before you uninstall any ViSoft module.

How to do it:

1) Close ViSoft Premium
2) Open Windows explorer and folder c:\visoftcreative ( drive and path can be different in your setup )
3) Start the program: BackUpTool.exe
4) Save your personal data in an external folder on your harddrive.

If you discover any questions, call the ViSoft support hotline.



New functionality for variants

The Update 2013 has newly structured variant functions and here is how it works: when starting a new project you are already working in a variant, variant 1 to be precise. Every further design will be saved as variant 2, 3, 4 and so on. This way it’s possible to create entirely different plannings for a customer in one project file – and accordingly browse through them when presenting.

This hierarchic structure makes sure you always work on the current snapshot, whereas the preceding variants are saved.

Matters have become a lot easier now. Let your creativity run free and still document the single project stages.

Shortcut: browse variants

F6 scrolls ahead, F7 scrolls back

Tastenkombinationen / Shortcuts for ViSoft Variations

Useful shortcuts to change variants

Do you use the new variants functionality? In case we’re sure you’ll like the following shortcuts:

Save your variants as usual and switch them in any 2D or 3D view as following:

CTRL+ “PAGE UP” for switching to previous variant, CTRL+ “PAGE DOWN” for the next one.

The easiest way is done with function keys:

F6 scrolls ahead, F7 scrolls back