Version 2015 is ready!

The new ViSoft Premium 2015 includes a great deal of news and improvements which provide more usability. Additionally to the new version our customers will receive a PDF-document with access to Youtube-videos. This way users can view the most important new functions whenever their personal time schedule allows it. NiU2015_deutsch titel Good luck from your ViSoft-Team!

Tip: ViSoft Backup Tool

We recommend to use the internal ViSoft backup tool frequently, especially before you uninstall any ViSoft module.

How to do it:

1) Close ViSoft Premium
2) Open Windows explorer and folder c:\visoftcreative ( drive and path can be different in your setup )
3) Start the program: BackUpTool.exe
4) Save your personal data in an external folder on your harddrive.

If you discover any questions, call the ViSoft support hotline.



News in Update 2014

News in Update – now also in Magyar (15 MB): (15 MB):
Viewmode: left mouse button, for download: right mouse button -> save target as.


We wish you a lot of fun while reading the news and hope to enable you to use the endless new features with less effort.

Your ViSoft Team

ViSoft Premium Update 2014 is in its final throes: testing!

One of the numerous highlights as a preliminary information: HDR-outside world

the new version creates a perfect outside world with lights, reflecting completely realistic – in any ambiance wanted: warm sunlight or a cool winter-morning. HDR – High Dynamic Range – technology is used in imaging and photography to capture a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image. HDR images can represent more accurately the range of intensity levels found in real scenes.
The HDR-outside-world-background pops up immediately in ViSoft Premium: The results: viewing out of the window or door, the view onto the horizon is absolutely realistic.

ViSoft ‘s developer-team is working hard to finish and to test all the new and optimized functions, so you will enjoy the next update at the end of the year.

Pleasant anticipation!


Update: Tile data: exclusively available from manufacturer

ViSoft actually has the biggest tile database on earth with more than 350 manufacturer and more than 350.000 actual tile pictures.(August 2013). We update more than 40.000 single tiles per year and most of them with additional pictures for photo tuning renderings. This service is free of charge for manufacturer.

The usage of pictures is bounded by contracts:
ViSoft offers two different contracts for distribution of pictures and databases: the public, or exclusive (restricted) distribution.
The manufacturer have to decide which contract matches their situation. One possibility for restrictive contracts is that they do not have all distribution rights on pictures, maybe they remain at photo studio companies. On the other hand some manufacturer want to provide data only to selected customers.

The hereinafter listet manufacturer decided to sign exclusively delivery of data via own internet pages.

Our service here provides you all addresses on one single page:
Please click on logos of desired brands to open pages for every single download area.

All other ViSoft data you’ll get via ViSoft internet update and on DVD as usual.