Produkt of the Year 2013: The winner is ViSoft Premium, ViSoft 360 and ViSoft Sharing Portal

We did it again! ViSoft was first choice and „Product of the Year 2013” in the reader’s election organized by the leading German special interest tiles-magazine Fliesen + Platten.

It is part of being on a continuous high: after a second and third place in 2011 ViSoft finished already 2012 in first place with the fantastic Photo Tuning panoramic views. ViSoft scores easily at the election‘s key criteria „product innovation“: 2013 the fantastic App ViSoft 360 and the Sharing-Portal came in first – a perfect solution for presenting panoramic plannings public and on spot.

„Thanks to all ViSoft customer, having elected ViSoft as THE innovative product“, ViSoft CEO Rainer Nissler says, „this is a great confirmation ViSoft launched the right products on the 3D-Planning-Software market.”

Congratulations on ViSoft-Sales-Partner and Software Company Lins Software Systeme, who came in second in the software category with the new highend presentation-box CollCam.

ViSoft wants to compliment Ardex, Karl Dahm Werkzeuge and Schlüter Systems on their sucessful participation in the reader’s election as well.


Winner certificate under hand and seal: Rosmarie Rittmann, ViSoft Corporate Communication, shows the „Product of the Year 2013 Award” during the Event Fliesen + Platten Forum in Cologne, Germany

You have the choice – vote for ViSoft!


You have the choice!

If not you – as one of our satisfied customer, who else?

Take a stand and choose ViSoft Premium on Fliesen&Platten readers poll 2013 to one of your favorites.
Just click on

Products of the year 2013

and in readers-poll “Leserwahl”, select the category “Software” and vote for ViSoft. Ready!

For you it’s just a matter of minutes, – but for us a big Vote!


And maybe you will win an attractive prize.…


Michael Koch, owner of Heizung und Badträume GmbH, in Langenfeld, Germany, is a lucky winner! Participating in the Readers Award of Germany’s leading tiles magazine made him the winner of a ViSoft Premium license – worth about 4700 Euros. Smiling with joy Michael Koch says:

“The professional 3D-Software for creative bath-planning is very useful to me as a member of Badteam 2011. In this newly founded organization I´m responsible for bath-planning and designing and the customers will be thrilled to see realistic pictures of their future bathrooms in this high quality”.

Of course Michael Koch is using ViSoft Premium in his own company as well:

“We are experts in planning and renovating bathrooms!”

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Smiling with joy: Rainer Nissler ViSoft CEO (left) congratulates Michael Koch for winning the ViSoft Premium license.

ViSoft Premium is produkt of the year 2012!

Readers of the professional magazine ‘Fliesen & Platten’ have elected ViSoft Premium 2012 in first place.

And you as ViSoft customers contributed as well: Many thanks for your support, your participation in the election and your commitment.

“It’s a splendid feeling to be confirmed in such a way by experts and professional users”

ViSoft CEO Rainer Nissler gladly says. And he already looks forward:

“This recognition is an incentive to continue advancing the product at a high level !”

Furthermore we wish you a lot of fun working with the certified Product of the Year 2012!

Last chance to vote and win!

The countdown has begun and you can take part. The electronic polling station for product of the year by the professional magazine Fliesen & Platten is open until Thursday 31.1.2013.
And – to be candid – every vote counts.Vote for ViSoft Premium!

Visit the readers poll “Readers Choice” on
You will find ViSoft under the category Software. That’s all it takes to be a possible winner

The magazine “Fliesen & Platten” will raffle attractive prizes amongst the participants – even a full version of ViSoft Premium!

Thank you for voting for ViSoft !

The readers have the choice

We face the competition:

The “Fliesen & Platten”- magazine presents the contest “Product of the year 2012” Visoft enters the contest with the brand new Visoft Premium version 2012-2. With good chances to win: The emotional around the clock light-atmosphere, the variant feature to flip through different project stages and the “drag & drop” textures are real highlights for professional planners.
If you want to vote for ViSoft, you don’t need to subscribe to Fliesen&Platten, you only have to visit the link
or the website ” and click on the readers-poll “Leserwahl”. You will find ViSoft in the category software on the 4th place.

If you participate you can win very attractive prizes. For example another ViSoft Premium license… …